#35 Book Early!!!

Booking whatever you can as early as possible has many benefits. Not only can you get discounts, it also sets your timeframe, making it easier to plan ahead.

Book your movers early. If you can, avoid peak seasons to maximize your savings. If you’re moving long distance, book your hotels and airline tickets early as well.


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#34 Movers’ Time Is Gold

Never make your movers wait. Make sure that everything is ready when they arrive. If you’ve already packed your stuff then make your movers load your boxes on their trucks. If packing is still to be done then delegate wisely so no minute is wasted.

If you prepared, planned, and packed early then this should be no problem at all. 🙂

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#33 Deciding When To Move

For most people, summer is the best and most convenient time to move. Not only because the school term is over, but because the weather is nice and warm. Unfortunately, this time of year is the busiest for moving companies, thus they tend to charge more. If you are not attending school, or do not have children that go to school, it is best to avoid moving in summer. The start and end of months are also especially busy for movers, more so at the end of the year.

Overall, it is best to have a sit-down with your family and discuss what time of year would work best for you all.

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#32 Securing Your New Home

Times are hard and thieves are getting creative everyday. Just to be safe, change your new home’s locks after settling in. Actually, it should be one of the first on your list of to-dos. Also, list down your new community’s emergency numbers (local police, firestation, hospital, etc.) and post it near your telephone.

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#31 Empty Boxes First!

Unpacking is as, if not more, stressful as packing. Even though the anxiety and pressure of moving to a new home is slightly subsided, there are still tons of work to do.

One thing to keep in mind is to open your moving boxes one at a time. Take out the items and place them where they should be. This way no time and effort would be wasted. If you made a list of where to put where earlier, this would be a breeze. Make sure that the opened box is emptied before moving on to the next one.

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#30 Goodbyes

Moving can be stressful for kids too. Even though they just sit there, watching you pack and label your stuff doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to say. Make sure to talk to your children regarding your move. Hear their fears and concerns and assure them that everything will be alright on your new home.

To ease their anxiety, allow some time for them to say their goodbyes to family members and friends. Have them collect their cont information so they can still be in touch.

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#29 Flying With Your Pet

Moving is stressful to your pet as well, and more so if you will travel by air. They will be left confined for hours so it is best to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips to take note of before moving with your pet.

  • Get in touch with your airline and inquire about their regulations and services regarding pets.
  • Purchase a kennel suitable for air travel. Make sure it is large enough that your pet can move around.
  • Allow your pet to familiarize itself with the new kennel. Place it inside for a couple of hours prior to your move.
  • It would be less stressful for your pet if you could book a direct flight.
  • Clearly mark the kennel “Live Pet.”
  • Label the kennel with your name, address, and contact info as well in case it gets lost.

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